What’s Next…

“After all, if someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed up. He needs to stop, reflect, and change course.”–John Maxwell, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Much of the last year had been one of reflection for the ministry. We are examining what we have done that needs repeating and what areas of stress we want to leave behind. The five of us on the leadership team don’t always agree on such things. We discuss a lot more than we would prefer to, and the meetings run long, but we are almost around the bend.

We know that we will never go into debt for a project again. Did. Not. Like. That.

We know that being MORE organized is always better. Look for clear requests of your time and commitment.

We know that consistency is the best way to get results. We will be looking to build a project leadership team…volunteers willing to step up and help lead individual components of the projects along side us. Helping to maintain a cleaner, more streamline system, will eliminate waste and stress.

We have a project waiting in the wings. BEFORE we get to it, we need the resources to do it with excellence. BAND TOGETHER is imperative to our success.

BE THERE. Get friends to enter. Help us with the Silent Auction.

Be a part of something bigger than you.

Serve the Lord by serving Brighten A Corner.

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