God Sized Dreams

Stories to inspire…..

If we had to whittle Brighten A Corner’s prayer and desire for you down to one thing it would be this:

Put feet to your faith.

There can not be a faith that is real and vibrant if you are not serving. We love what we do but we also love cheering on wonderful friends who have found the courage and desire to do what God has called them to do. If you have a God-size dream bubbling, let these stories inspire you.

Meet Mark Collier and his God Sized Dream, Inverted Arts…..


“Ready, Set, Wait – the short story of Inverted Arts”

It was 2000 and we were living on the Central Coast. I was driving home from LA through the San Marcos pass on one of those shockingly beautiful evenings, when God gave me a vision for “Inverted Arts.” It was a four-story brick building filled with professional artists, who were Christians, all making art that would fill the earth with beauty, redemption and truth. It was art that was real, honest, vulnerable and celebrated life’s mysteries. It was art that helped people see things differently instead of telling them what to think. It was “creativity” drawing people to the “Creator.” I was ready to get started. But God said, “wait.” Then in 2006, I spent a day hanging out with God at Wild River State...
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