A Loud Thud

I could say that it is because I have been to the Emergency Room five times with three different members of my family since late January.

I could say that it is because my father in law has Alzheimer’s and my mother in law has dementia, and that we have needed to move them into three different assisted living facilities and one rehab center in just six weeks.

I could say that it is because my precious little peanut–my 8 year old daughter–collapsed and had a tonic/clonic seizure, and that many tests and several specialists later was diagnosed with epilepsy.

And although all of that is true, it would not be the truth.

The truth is that BAND TOGETHER was canceled because we had nowhere near enough bands to make it successful.

Last year’s event was so good. The bands were fabulous, the atmosphere electric. The technical aspects were pulled off flawlessly. But we failed to make a profit.

We discussed many options, and many ways to improve what was done. We decided to have a 15 ticket “entry fee” for the competing bands. It seemed reasonable, and we thought it would really help to emphasize the WIN BY VOTES aspect of the competition. We talked about the risks of the decision at the time, but we had no idea the impact it would have.

It was a fatal decision.

By the time we realized the magnitude of the mistake, it was too late. We tried to recover, but ultimately were forced to face the fact that things were not coming together.

I recently read an article posted on the VINTAGE TROUBLE Facebook page. (They are a GREAT band who will be on Leno for the second time next week. The drummer was like family to me growing up.) The article said when you fail (when, not if) people should know it. There should be a loud thud, because you have thrown everything you have into your endeavor.

This is just such a time. We advertised. We promoted. We called everyone we knew in the music industry. We did interviews, and yet we came up short. There is tremendous freedom in having given it your all, even when you fail.

God has a plan for us. We may not be gifted fund raisers, but we are so excited about our next project…We will announce details soon. In the meanwhile, set May 17th aside, and come join us for the CLOVERTON concert. It is gonna be great.

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  1. Yes, God does have a plan. Thank you for public sharing your “failure.” It gives me courage to try even though I will fail at times. Blessings to you.

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