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Thank you for caring enough about someone else’s story to come to us. We honor that in you.

All of our projects are referred to us by loving friends and family members. Projects must be third party recommendations. Keep in mind that for those who are chosen:

We don’t tell them what we will do; it is all a surprise. 

We don’t take requests. We don’t ask for “TO DO” lists. We see a need. We pray. We gather. And where the resources and the needs meet, we go to work.

The most important component is the story. What is happening that overwhelms a soul? Share that with us. The next thing we consider is can we actually help? This requires prayer and debate from the team. Then we address a timeline. Do these needs have an impending deadline that is not realistic for us to address? (We are not equipped for last minute needs.) Can we reasonably find solutions? When considering work on a home, the home MUST BE OWNED by the project recipient. Finally, we look into what resources we have available to us…

This process is dear to us, and helps us insure we are wise with the projects we take on. If we are unable to help, we ask for grace. If we are able to help, we ask for grace as we partner in this very human endeavor of service.

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