On Purpose

I think this will be a good week. I am determined to GET ORGANIZED.







This is  the last week of school for both my girls. Because they go to different schools, getting a break from schooling for the summer simplifies my life enormously.

I have help cleaning the house coming at the end of the week. Sigh. This means my entire home will be clean at the same time. Unfortunately, that is unique for me.

I am mentally gearing up for our next project, and that means my heart starts to skip a beat in terror, anticipation, and excitement. In case you have forgotten, what we do is nuts.

In preparation I went back to an old blog I posted brightenacorner.com/a-new-year-2#comments. It was about the lessons I have learned through Brighten A Corner. One of those lessons is this: On purpose is not important, it is imperative. Another lesson was this: Clear communication is extremely difficult and very rare.

I am going to begin to live out all the lessons of that blog for the next 7 1/2 weeks as we plan and prepare for the Los Osos project. Will you join me in this process of personal growth? These two principles will bless any life! Let me start here and now:

  1. Our two lead contractors can not join us this time. This is heartbreaking for me, as I am so fond of them. Johnny Spence, a Team Leader and valued friend, and his family have moved to Oregon. I am still wrapping my brain around doing these things without him. Our other valued friend is slammed with work at the time of the project. (While we did consider moving the project dates, the recipient family is going to be out of town during the time we have scheduled, which makes things for them and us much less stressful.) This means we need more professional contractors to join our team. The bulk of volunteers are average people from all walks of life, but we need an anchor team to build around. Can you help us find the anchor team?
  2. We are looking for a team to help with BOTH the move out AND the move in! We have tried so many different things over the years to simplify this process. We really believe having many of the people who moved things OUT there to move things IN will be tremendously valuable. August 1st is the MOVE OUT date, and the MOVE IN date is currently scheduled for August 11th. I say currently scheduled because I have missed the mark several times before. Here’s to hoping this is not the case this time.
  3. We still need money! $10,000 to be exact. Can you help? Have a garage sale? Collect change from friends and family? Gather cans and bottles? Every little bit adds up!

Serving the Lord is a privilege. And while I don’t ever want to live a life that is dull, a lack of organization and preparation makes things unnecessarily stressful. Will you help me grow out of that bad habit? Go here…http://brightenacorner.com/projects/the-rock-family-project-august-2013…NOW to sign up for a shift! Do you know people to donate food, goods, or financial resources? We would LOVE to add them to our team.

Together, we will move this mountain!