Happy Father’s Day

I was right…it was a good week!

Not only did my house get cleaned, it is cleaner. Several projects that have been nagging me for a while have gotten done. Nothing major mind you, but little things; a craft cupboard went from chaos to order, stuff in the breezeway got put away, a load was taken to the Goodwill. Nothing monumentally life changing, but each little piece helps me to feels less stress.

That could be life changing, if I keep it up.

The last several “projects” I have taken on have been (dare I say it) easy. I am really trying to approach my life more methodically, and it is chipping away at some of my bad habits.

Graduation centerpieces were a breeze.









Having friends over for dinner was a blast.

















For those who know me, have no fear…I am not organized. I have just experienced a few organized moments which makes me realize that the point made here: http://brightenacorner.com/a-new-year-2  Being organized really does make things go more smoothly IS SOMETHING I NEED TO INCORPORATE INTO MY LIFE. More often. With excellence in execution.

Lord, help me. This does not come naturally to me. But I want to do it anyway. Are you in?

STEP ONE for this summer’s project is to put together the MOVE IN/MOVE OUT crew. A team of people willing to help us pack up on August 1st AND move in August 11th. Would you be willing to join us for this adventure? E-mail me at robin@brightenacorner.com to sign up.

Will you help us become an even better ministry than we have been in the past? Seriously, we can’t progress without your help. We are EXCITED about what is coming up and who we are becoming in the process. Join us. You won’t be sorry.

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