Great Things Are Coming!

We are getting excited!

The momentum is building for the Cloverton Concert! Tickets are selling, publicity is happening, plans are being made not only for the concert and silent auction but for the project we are raising funds for.

Earlier this year my 8 year old daughter collapsed and had a tonic/clonic (grand mal) seizure. It was awful.

The family we will serve has been dealing with various forms of seizures for seven years. Some of them lasted for hours. Hundreds of seizures and thousands of doses of medication later, no solution was found. Seizures of that magnitude can cause brain damage (the little boy already has severe CP) and even be life threatening. When all other options had been pursued and failed, the parents made the brave decision to have a hemispherectomy performed on their son.

Nearly half a brain removed in order to save a life. Can you imagine?

We are so excited about what will be taking place this summer in their home. We TRULY believe their lives will be less stressful when we leave! The project will take place in two phases.

We are looking to create a move in/move out team that can work BOTH August 1st and August 11th.
Demolition will take place on August 2nd.

The leadership team will then use the next several days to organize the remainder of the project.

The madness will resume on August 6th and continue until August 11th. The family will be on vacation, so we will have a touch of wiggle room. We are working to reduce some of the unnecessary stress we have experienced at the end of the last few projects, and we believe in the changes being made. We can’t wait to get back to work for the Lord.

As always, we need tons of volunteers. The average dedicated person makes up the bulk of what we do and we are so grateful. However, we do need to make our team of “experts” stronger in order to thrive. We are looking for DRYWALL, PLUMBING, TILE and CONSTRUCTION expertise to join our family.

Let us know if you have any ideas. It is going to be a great, great summer.

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  1. Christina

    1435 ramona ..the house was yellow tagged and the tenants are homeless with two young boys. The husband is a welding contractor whose back injury has put him on disability but has continually been fixing up the place but it is slow going with his injuries as he is only one man. The owner of the property is good friends with the tenant and are trying to come up with money to make the house livable again for his family. The owner even offered up his own funeral money to help fix up the place. I believe this might be a case for you. I was told that it needs wiring and some 2×3’s need to be replaced by 2×4’s. But the tenants belongings are all still there as they have no place to put their stuff. I pray that it is God’s will that this ministry will bless this family in dire need of a home.

    1. Robin

      Thank you so much for thinking of us. We are gearing up for a project in August. We are not a last minute organization…we take a lot of planning.

      I wish you all the best!!

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