Yeses and Nos

We have to put our hearts and minds in places where wisdom gathers, not scatters.-Lysa Terkeurst, The Best Yes

Hello Dear Friends.

I hope the sweeping in of fall brings with it beautiful moments. Life is precious.



In my mind’s eye each season has its own color pallet. I try to pay attention, breathe in, and appreciate the uniqueness it has to offer. I am trying to live a well thought out life. To  say YES to beautiful details, new ideas, things that invigorate and energize.

I am also learning to say NO, to things that are draining and unproductive.

Even more difficult? I am learning to say NO to things that seem like they should be yeses, until questions are asked and details sought.

Brighten A Corner continues to be one of my greatest teachers. God uses it to stretch and mold me. It stuns me what has become a “typical” project. The capacity to gather and give has grown…the ability to say YES to amazing works has been a privilege.

Conversely, the ability to say YES to lots of projects has also changed. Wisdom demands that rest (and recovery) are built in to the annual schedule. That requires NOS to be part of our world as well. We are still trying to find a balance.

An organization that is healthy will inevitably get smarter over time. That’s because people in a healthy organization, beginning with the leaders, learn from one another, identify critical issues, and recover quickly from mistakes.” The Advantage

Mistakes are  inevitable. Mistakes are valuable. Mistakes can be costly. Mistakes can be easily solved.

But, above all, mistakes are unavoidable.

Some of the worst mistakes we can make involve the wrong yeses and nos.

In my world I am paying attention. These are a few yeses of this season of life:





More organized home school days, encouraging my teenager to develop interests outside of books and her computer, learning to be a champion from-a-distance-moral-supporter to our son, and weekly two dollar tacos at the Margarita Tavern with my hubby are all YESES for this season.

Dishes piled in the sink and laundry piled on the floor, getting easily offended, and hanging onto things I cannot change are all desperately trying to be NOS for this season. (Haven’t quite got the hang of the NOS yet.)

Brighten A Corner has chosen to say YES to hosting an apologetics conference for women on January 29th &30th, 2016, at Grace Bible Church in Arroyo Grande. We are bringing in a speaker from Texas, and trying to gather leaders from many churches in the area to support it. Never has the time for unity and Biblical literacy been more needed.

Please comment if you would like to help out! We would LOVE, love, love it!



2 Responses

  1. The Best Yes by Lysa T. was such a good “yes” for me. It is hard to say “no” to good things. It is the only way to make room for those best yeses. Thanks for the reminder!