Standing outside my mother in law’s room at the convalescent center I overheard the nurse impatiently say to her, “How many times do I have to tell you not to get out of your chair?”

I took a deep breath and reminded myself, “We are getting her out of here soon. Hold your tongue.”

Not easy for me.

You see, my mother in law has had severe dementia for roughly ten years. She is the most pleasant and delightful person I know, but it has been many years since she could tell you what the last thing she had to eat was. Her short term memory is nearly non-existent. And here was this man chastising her for not remembering that she had broken her hip and shouldn’t get out of the wheel chair without help.

We took her to the rehab center in underwear, and took her home in diapers. We took her in to recover from hip replacement surgery, and took her home with a Urinary Tract Infection. We took her in having watched her walk 25 feet in the hospital, and brought her home frustrated that she was spending every hour we were not by her side alone in bed.

“We brought her here for your help,” my husband and I pleaded. “We thought she would get better here with you.”

Help. Making things better. Heavy, important things that we were searching for.

I get it, Lord.  AGAIN You remind me in Your grace where the heart of Brighten A Corner needs to always remain. A heart of humbly making things better. HELPing those who are in the mire and the muck of struggle(s) in life. Be with us, Lord,  always.

The up coming Beth Moore event is designed to help us help others. Rather than having a fund raiser, we are trying to have a profitable event. The hope is that the money made can pay for marketing materials we have purchased to help us to move forward. If we succeed, we can continue to use all donated money for projects.

100% of donations used for projects is the goal.

But, as the beginning story alluded to, what should have been busiest time promoting and planning the event was spent beside the hospital bed of a woman I love. Gently reminding her why she was in pain; readjusting her oxygen mask for the 17th time in the last half an hour; assuring that she would be okay.

It was where I needed to be; but it did not come without a price. I am desperate for help getting women to attend what will surely be a fabulous ministry event. SO THAT Brighten A Corner can get back to serving and actually HELPing those God puts in our path. Would you? Could you?

Thank you, as always, for all you do.


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