Perspective is an amazing thing.

A lump in your throat, a lump in your oatmeal, and a lump in your breast are not the same thing.

Perspective. How I see things; how I process things; how I value things…THAT is my perspective. I am trying, searching, yearning, to align my perspective with that of my Lord. I want to know what HIS perspective is, and do everything I can to make His perspective mine.

I have studied enough of the Bible to know that His perspective is so, so big. And so, to have HIS perspective and not mine, I must always be asking what the big picture is. Because I almost never know, I constantly need to ask myself, “What COULD the big picture be here?” Sometimes in just brainstorming the possibilities I am energized and encouraged; sometimes just the process of opening my own eyes to the notion that what I originally wanted might not be what God originally wanted for me is exciting.


From checkbooks to calendars, how do I line up my perspective with that of my Lord? If I succeed in doing so, will my life be better? Will the fruit of those choices show me beyond measure that I am on the right track, HIS path, to godly living? To attempt to believe in that when things are not as I want them to be, is the heart beat of my life. Mine is a journey of desiring to be a good—no, great—steward of all (all, ALL, ALL) God has given me.

Let me SEE all that You have already gifted me with, Lord. Let me do exactly what YOU want me to with my time, my talent, my money, my stuff, my relationships, my ideas, my everything. Grow me into a person with YOUR perspective.


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