Sometimes I think we are crazy. The Brighten A Corner leadership team, that is. Balancing life, businesses (we are all business owners), kids and planning projects is…let’s say, interesting.

How do we figure out the best way to seek excellence in the work we do AND meet needs that are sometimes extremely intense? Trusting God’s timing and having faith that you–the team–will come through AGAIN to make things happen.

How can we thank you? You make this journey of serving the Lord so much fun. Even when it’s crazy.

We NEED you again this January. The story was of a local man with brain cancer. The primary need was for a bathroom that could be used by a man in a wheel chair, which we certainly can do.

However, we met the family and it was very apparent God had different plans. The project immediately became focused on the devoted wife, who is suffering from the cancer that her husband had. She showed us the master bathroom. It has an enormous tub and shower that must be stepped up and then down into. For many, it would be a dream…but for this new widow, who has a bad back, it represents the possibility of slipping and hurting herself while she is alone.

Her husband passed away the week before Christmas. We will arrive the last week of January and show her God’s love the very best way we know how: SERVING. We told her when we met her that she matters to God.  We certainly could have helped her husband at the end if that was God’s timing, but His timing is for us to help her at the beginning of the life she did not ask for, but must face with dignity.

PLEASE sign up to help now. Our time to plan is limited by the holiday season, so any help simplifying is so appreciated! The simplest way to sign up for a shift is here on the website. Give if you can, serve if you are able, pray no matter what…THAT is how this crazy timing will become God’s bounty.

Merry Christmas.

The BAC Leadership Team