Peel. Stick. Peel. Stick.

My hubby and I sat next to each other at the dining room table addressing hundreds of postcards to mail to airplane owners. His latest invention, an airplane part created to replace a part on his plane he’s not crazy about, had a less than lack luster kick off.


Through a series of small choices and a myriad of unforeseen complications we find ourselves in a place we are familiar with…waiting for the next big thing. As business owners in fickle markets (housing and airplanes) we are accustomed to uncertainty. We swing wildly from a trip to Disneyworld at the end 2014 to an incredibly strict budget and waiting for that escrow to close at the beginning of 2016.

Sigh. We are who we are.

The truth is my life varies enormously. In some areas my incompetence haunts me, seemingly insurmountably. In other areas I can be like, “Hey! This works! Try what I have done.”

This is the reality of life. It is true for me. It is true for you.

You have some amazing things you do. Things that I would admire and learn from in the right time and place.

And you have other areas where God is calling you to focus and find a new way.

I have two major areas that need a whole new approach if I want a future that looks different than my past. How about you?

This is LIFE. A messy, crazy jumble of good intentions, great results, desperate do-overs and out-right failures. Do you accept that?

I am committed to getting comfy with that reality…leaning into discomfort, finding new ways to do old things, and celebrating whenever life merits it. I am repeating to myself over and over again, “There is always a better way…” If someone doesn’t like something I have said or done, that mantra helps me step away from taking it personally.

Being offended almost never helps.

Recently a friend and I were chatting. The topic of someone else painting me in not-so-great a light came up. Not so long ago, that would have devastated me. Now my response was, “My life speaks for itself. If the people she talks to believe her, then perhaps they see something in me that’s not so great. Hopefully, God is already working on it…”

My desire would be to live in such a way that people wouldn’t believe negative things said about me.

I am not there yet.

I never will actually arrive at that destination, but I can purpose to be closer now then I was then. Whenever then was.

Planning Connect the Dots, the apologetics conference for women Brighten A Corner is hosting January 29th & 30th, has allowed me to face some of these truths. Sitting in the pool of discomfort asking questions and trying to understand answers is not easy. It also (in case you were wondering) doesn’t always result in understood answers. But expecting everything to be pretty and wrapped in a neat bow isn’t real life.

I am so excited about this conference. I REALLY, really believe it will be unique. We are praying is transformational. We want women to THINK well, love well and live well. We want to encourage a balanced life that reflects clear Biblical beliefs. Will you join us?

We can’t wait.