Connect the Dots


An Apologetics Conference For Women

January 29th & 30th, 2016
Grace Bible Church
100 Rodeo Rd, Arroyo Grande
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There has been a radical shift in cultural norms in this country. Sometimes it feels like the divide between the Bible and everyday life is cataclysmic. These are rough, unchartered times that have not only divided the culture from the church, but also Christians from other Christians.

Is it possible to be both bold in our faith AND loving?


Beautiful, passionate, loving Christians radically contrast and conflict with one another more than the Connect the Dots Team has ever seen. On one side are people dedicated to correct Biblical exegesis, wanting the life-changing message of Scripture to be treated as the treasure it is. On another side are people who have been wrecked by the heartache and struggle of so many around the world, lovingly seeking to have the truth of Jesus destroy horrific realities like human trafficking and poverty.

Are there really only two choices? Can we be BOTH passionate about the Bible AND about people?


Brighten A Corner and the Connect the Dots team are hoping and praying we can begin a conversation about a third option. We are asking, does conflict arise with Christians when we are uncertain what we believe and why we believe it? We submit that apologetics–the art of being able to defend your beliefs–can be a life-changing, relationship enhancing skill.

Women have immeasurable influence in families and communities. Learning God’s word and engaging in the world around us can change everything.


Friday Night: 6:00-8:30 pm
Saturday 10:00-4:00 (Lunch Provided)
Question and Answer Session from 9:30-10:00 Saturday morning

MaryjoKeynote Speaker
Mary Jo Sharp. Who is she? Find out here.

Breakout classes will be taught by local women. We will share ideas. Learn to winsomely discuss cultural changes. Discover what the Bible about says homosexuality, the need for hope, Islam and more…Each class will offer Bible verses and a script directly related to the topic.

We are thrilled to offer the opportunity to connect with fabulous organizations and encourage living your life to reflect your beliefs.

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Join the conversation. Walk out faith in love.

Learn. Grow. Engage.



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