The Story…

Sometimes life gives us the opportunity to write a new ending to a story. This is one of those moments.

You have heard me say it before: All things are not good, even for this who love the Lord. It is when we are called according to his purposes that things really begin to take shape. The Springer family has traveled the road through hell with astounding dignity and grace. Boldly facing comas, cancer, limitations and pressure they never dreamed would be their life, Jared and his parents and siblings continue to smile and move forward.


Just last week they were told Jared could not attend his senior prom.

Through a series of %$&^!@#!, it was clear there were too many hoops to jump through to allow Jared the experience he believed would be the highlight of his year. It was a crushing end to the story…

But God.

Jared’s father, Frank, has done a superb job chronicling the story of JARED’S JOURNEY on his Facebook Page. Sunday night, in a post he called DENIED, Frank told his son’s story.

As a parent of a child with special needs myself, I can tell you it is so hard to know what speak out about. What do we fight for? In no way do we ever want the grief of one situation to overshadow gratitude for a million others, but sometimes silence is the very worst option available.



Last time I checked the story had been shared more than 3,000 times.

When I saw the story early Monday morning I was heart broken. But I also knew that this was an easy fix. Brighten A Corner Ministry has the infrastructure in place to write a new ending to the story and give Jared the prom of his dreams. By the end of the day, the wheels were firmly and swiftly in motion.


Friday, May 27th

Mountainbrook Church 

1775 Calle Juaquin, San Luis Obispo

Appetizer hour begins at 6:30

Dinner will be served

Tickets are $5

Open to Juniors and Seniors (and their dates) from

Arroyo Grande High, San Luis High, Nipomo High, Mission Prep,

New Tech and Coastal Christian School

Tickets will be available for purchase on some campuses and online. More details coming soon.

The outpouring from the community has been breathtaking. Churches, businesses, vendors, creatives, moms, dads, and kids have all been moved into action. What a beautiful thing to be a part of.

The top of the funnel for #Prom4Jared is now Brighten A Corner Ministry. All donations and questions should go through us. You can donate HERE. The skeleton crew of experts is being put in place, but we will have sign ups for general volunteers soon. FEEL FREE to put 11:00 pm, May 27th, on your calendar. (You know I love a big clean up crew.)

I want to say this is an opportunity for LMUSD to write a new ending to their story as well. I do not believe there was any malice, nor do I think they had any idea what would happen as a result of not calling the family back. I truly believe they would LOVE to have their own do-over.

As I often tell my kids, I believe we are all doing our best. However, sometimes our best simply has to get better. In the area of serving the needs of students and school events, I believe the school district’s policies and practices going forward will reach a new level of excellence and family care.

That is Romans 8:28. 

Each of us who have been touched by the story are living it out. We are embracing the privilege of pouring our love and time and talent and money to take a sad story and make it beautiful. This little corner of the world, in this season of time, is very certainly bright.

5 Responses

  1. Robin,

    This is perfectly and beautifully written! As soon as I read Frank’s post on Sunday I sat back and thought, “I can’t wait to see how God unfolds this.” Thank you for everything you do to shine your light bright, which encourages the rest of us to do the same. Go God! Go Central Coast community! It’s on my calendar.

  2. Susan Mistretta

    Maybe the AGHS Staff and Teachers could volunteer for the 11:00OM clean-up crew. I think that would be a nice gesture.

    1. Robin Lee

      We love volunteers. But I think the Springers feel loved by the staff at AGHS as it is…no gesture necessary. 🙂

  3. Robin… life is better for knowing you! How I wished I could be in Cali to help with this!! So badly!! So proud of you for hearing God speak and for allowing Him to work through you and this ministry!