How you can help

This is an amazing journey.

We are so grateful for where we’ve been, so excited about where we are going, and we need you.

Our projects are beautiful compilations of many hearts and talents. Every time we serve we need people to paint walls, take loads to the dump or Goodwill, pull weeds and plant plants, make food, sweep floors, set tile and frame walls. We need many, many volunteers.

People say, “I have no talents, but I work hard.” We get that a lot. However, it is not true. EVERYONE has a gift to give during a project.

Sometimes it is a skill. Sometimes it is doing a task we can’t seem to get to. Sometimes it is the encouragement given to another volunteer. Sometimes it is artistic or construction experience being used by the Lord.

In the off-seasons, in between the madness of projects, we need people to donate so that we have resources. We need people to pray. We need people to help us get the word out. Whatever you give is greatly, humbly appreciated.

Here are ways in which you can be involved: