Be A Volunteer

We need you.

Who can volunteer?

We love our volunteers! Anyone can join. People bring relatives and friends–sometimes joyfully, sometimes kicking and screaming–to help. We need everyone! Don’t go to church? No problem. Neither do we in the middle of a project. Not a Christian? No problem. Neither were we at some point in our lives. Have a bad attitude? That might be a problem. We like people who are nice.

***Disclaimer. When we say “anyone” we mean anyone OVER the age of 15. We love kids, but this is not the place for them to serve. At any given moment there could be half a dozen power tools whirring, 2×4’s flying through the air and furniture being moved. It is not safe for little ones. Thank you for understanding!

What are the benefits?

Do you long to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Do you crave knowing that your efforts are part of a larger work, without having to leave the country or make a weekly commitment? Are you drawn to stories of regular people stuck in the muck, and want to help?

If so, come join us! Taking out the trash, painting a wall, picking up food and rewiring an entire house are all of equal and precious value in our sight. The more the merrier.

Sign up for our mailing list below and we’ll let you know when the next project is coming up!

Volunteer Teams

The majority of those who volunteer with us come work a shift during a project, and get assigned a task based upon matching their skills with the specific project needs. However, we also have a great need to build specific teams that help the ministry function in all other areas. Check out our teams below and contact us if you would like to get involved!

Fundraising Team

Food Team

Construction and Professionals Team

Admin Team

This is the unfortunate reality of the non profit world: It takes money to get the work done. Sigh.

I know. We feel the pressure, too.

But many hands make light work. You’d be AMAZED what YOU might be able to do to help. Would you consider it? This is the absolute, hands down, no holds barred, number one thing we lack. We need help raising money.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

Call Robin today at 805. 215. 2983 if you can help!

Sitting down (sometimes on propped up two by fours) and sharing a meal together is one of the best parts of a project. This has become a precious necessity, and we ache to do this even better in the future. A team of people to prepare food, pick up food, create an atmosphere and clean up food will be such an enormous blessing!

“They broke bread…and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of people.” Acts 2: 46-47

Add your name to the Food Team list when you sign up for email updates!

If you are a talented person who makes your living in the art of construction, we need you. We are a place where generosity pours out and the stories take life. If you have a day or a week to give to a project, we would cherish partnering with you. There is a soul-deep joy that comes with serving; this is the gift we offer to those who offer us the gift of their time and skills.

Please email us with your skills and interests so we know where you will fit best.

Ummmm…HEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!! It can be hard, at times, to find the line between being honest and transparent, and not sounding desperate.

We may be a bit desperate.

If you are a willing phone caller, social media poster, label maker, list maker and you want a new best friend, call us. We need you. A few hours a month, and then a lot more than that during a project, would be transformational for us.

“Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it.” 1 Peter 4:10 (Message Version)

Email us directly if you are interested in joining the admin team. Tell us what you are interested in!

Words From Volunteers

How to Become a Volunteer

Step 1: Add your name to our mailing list

Simply complete the sign up form to the right to add your name to our list. You will be notified about upcoming projects.

Step 2: Complete the Volunteer Release Form

This is just a simple form that confirms if you get hurt while working on the project, Brighten a Corner Ministry, other volunteers, and the homeowner are not held liable. Download the form here and bring it with you when you come to volunteer.

Step 3: Consider joining a team

We do have some specific team needs listed above. Check it out and see if one speaks to you!

Step 4: Sign up for the next project

When you get an email update about the next project, there will be an online form where you can sign up for a shift or multiple shifts. So sign up, and we’ll see you there!

Join our Volunteer List

By adding your name to our mailing list, you will get updates about upcoming projects and how you can get involved. Sign up today!


What is a typical volunteer day?

Most of our volunteers sign up for a shift or two, and show up ready to work. When you arrive, we will get you familiar with the project, and let you know what currently needs to be done. You can choose a task that you are comfortable completing well.

What should I wear?

Clothes than can get dirty, and that you can paint in. Close-toed, comfortable shoes.

Should I bring my own tools?

Sure. Especially if we’ve discussed in advance a specific job you might be working on. We have the basics, but can always use more.

Do I need to pack my own lunch?

Usually no unless you have specific dietary needs. We try to have lunches provided for the entire working crew. It’s a great way to get to know each other better.

How long is a shift?

Each shift is 4 hours, 9a – 1p, 1p -5pm, 5-10pm.

How are your projects funded?

We are a 501 3 (c) not -for-profit. All projects are funded through donations from people on the Central Coast. We typically will fundraise in advance for an upcoming project. Our current goal is to find more people to become monthly givers to help fund future projects.

After I sign up for a shift, will I get a reminder call?

When you sign up, you receive an immediate email confirmation. You will not receive a reminder phone call. We love the idea, we just don’t have anyone to make those calls! Please mark the volunteer date in your calendar. We count on our volunteers to show up, and often will plan out the work load based on the volunteers scheduled to come. If you don’t show, you are sorely missed!

Can I bring friends with me even if they did not sign up in advance?

YES! The more the merrier!

Will you come speak at my church, civic group, workplace, school, etc??

Yes, we appreciate the opportunity to share with more people about the ministry. Robin will come introduce Brighten A Corner, and the upcoming project at organizations across the Central Coast.

How do you find your projects?

All of our projects are referred to us by loving friends and family members. They must be third party recommendations. If you have someone in mind, check out more details on this page.