What we do

Hear a story, make a plan….

We hear a story, meet the people, develop a plan, raise the money, then send the recipients away for several days while we get to work.

We don’t tell them what we will do; it is all a surprise. 

We don’t take requests. We don’t ask for “TO DO” lists. We see a need. We pray. We gather. And where the resources and the needs meet, we go to work.

With your generosity and kindness we can succeed at helping to make this world a better place by brightening one corner at a time.

Remodel Homes

When the aesthetics or practical realities of a home significantly add the the nature of the recipient feeling overwhelmed AND we have the finances and abilities, we remodel homes…in around seven days. Yes, we are crazy.

Landscape Outdoor Spaces

Sometimes there is nothing we can do to change a situation. We can not alter a terminal diagnosis or repair a family that is broken. When we face this reality the question becomes one of creating breathing room for a recipient. Giving people a place to take a deep breath is sometimes the only gift we can offer, and an outdoor area offers a place to do just that…breathe.

Help other Non-Profits

Together Everyone Achieves More. A full life is a TEAM sport. It is a privilege, and sometimes the most effective thing we can do, to partner with other organizations. We have helped the homeless, troubled teens in need, crisis pregnancy centers, and kids with cancer to name a few. 

Engage the Culture

We’ve hosted a number of events to raise money and raise awareness about the ministry. We organized on an electric battle of the bands competition, and put on two packed Christian concerts. Engaging our culture is an important aspect of those events, because so many cultural options available to our kids today are riddled with darkness and ugliness. We look forward to continuing to dream in this area.

Redecorate Spaces

We have come along side beautiful people who are ending a season in their lives of tremendous pain and hardship. In those moments, we believe God calls us to offer a fresh perspective through the ambiance of a home. New paint and bedding in a room where a child was sexually abused can make a difference. Fresh life to a living area through color, texture and warmth can make a loss a tad bit easier to manage. We believe beauty is a practical thing.

Plan Birthday Parties & Special Events

One year we threw fabulous birthday parties for kids whose mom was dying of cancer. No further explanation needed. Life should be celebrated. We love to help in that celebration.

For over a decade

We have been serving individuals on the Central Coast

Since 2002, Brighten A Corner has completed dozens of projects, using hundreds of volunteers, with a total value of service at well over a million dollars. We are passionate about reaching out to the overwhelmed. We believe hard work is a privilege, generosity is a pleasure, and that many people coming together for a cause can make an enormous difference.

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Birthday Parties

For one year we threw birthday parties for three kids whose mom was dying of cancer.
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Outdoor space made accessible

We added handicapped access to a swimming pool area and revitalized a back yard for a woman caring for her husband who was profoundly handicapped by a brain aneurism.
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Remodeled a home

We completely remodeled a home inside and out for a single mom whose son died in a tragic accident.
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Support other non-profits

We have supported and served local organizations who serve the homeless and hungry, those with unplanned pregnancies, kids with cancer and teens removed from their homes due to behavior issues and addictions.
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All our projects are funded through generous donations mostly from individuals like you.

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