Prom for Jared

Thank you for giving Jared the best Prom ever!

It was a magical night. So many thanks to send, which we will. Watch the video below for a recap on the night! | San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Area News

Prom Photos are here!

If you went to the prom you are here! Click Here to see all the photos. Thank you Dana Hartman Hodgkinson with Blessed Beyond Belief Photography for coordinating all the photographers and for loading up all these beautiful photos. Special thank yous to these photographers for spending the day and evening with Jared and all 650 of his closest friends! Andrea De Anda Photography, Danielle Nunes Photography, Lyz Villa Photography, Valerie McGill Photography and Blessed Beyond Belief Photography.

WHEN: May 27, 6:30 to 12 Midnight. The dance ends at 11pm – the after-party continues to 12.

WHAT: Dinner, Dance, After-Party with surprises! No need to go to dinner before hand – there will be lots of food!

WHERE: Mountainbrook Church | 1775 Calle Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 | MAP


Background on the story:

Curious what all this is about?

Here is the first Facebook post that told of the story by Jared’s dad:

You can also follow the story on our Facebook page:

What do we need?

Here is a list of how you can help. We need volunteers that will work in specific teams. And we still are looking for donations of specific items. Here we go!

Volunteer Teams

Thank you for signing up. Below are the details on the teams. There is room to volunteer but we won’t be sending out any more emails after today. So If you want to volunteer – read the needs below and just come to join that team.  If you signed up previously, you should be on our list but emails come from Mail Chimp – check your junk or spam folders if you haven’t seen them.

Decor/Set Up Crew | Friday at 10am, May 27th | 20 – 25 people

Arrive at Mountainbrook Church on Friday, May 27th at 10:00 am. We end when we are finished. Lunch will be provided.

We will be taking care of the following things:
•    Setting up the tables and chairs for 500.
•    Putting linens on the tables.
•    Setting the tables.
•    Putting out water bottles.
•    Setting up the lobby.
•    Staging the area for food prep.
Decorating will include:
•    Blowing up 200 helium balloons and creating 10 large bouquets.
•    Assembling paper lanterns for the after party.
•    Putting centerpieces on the tables (Once they have been made)
•    Creating and putting weights on the table cloths for outdoor tables
•    Decorating bathrooms
This list is not exhaustive! There is a very high likelihood things will get added on.  Please know how thankful we are! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be ready to work hard!

Craft Team

Arrive at Mountainbrook Church on Friday, May 27th at 10:00 am. We end when we are finished. Lunch will be provided.

The centerpieces on the tables will be placed on beach boards,  painted in white and pink. This painting will happen on site on the 27th. We will have 210 one foot boards to treat and 70 (ish) centerpieces (with sand, shells and candles) to make. In addition we will need to make weights for the outdoor table cloths. Please come dressed in paint-worthy clothes.

Candy Table/Bakery Team

Want to bring a baked good? Sure just bring with your volunteer shift! Candy, cookies, bars – finger foods, nothing plated.

Food Servers, Friday 5:30pm (40 people)

500 Teens for a Sit Down Dinner Please be at Mountainbrook at 5:45 on Friday, May 27th and plan to stay until 9pm. We could use another 10 volunteers here.

•    Servers should wear black pants and white shirts.
•    Food will be served FAMILY STYLE, meaning each table will get a plate of meat, bowl of beans, basket of bread and large salad. Then they serve themselves.
•    Tables will already be set.
•    After dinner we will remove several of the tables to make room for the dance floor. This will be a methodical process we will walk through that night!
•    We will also clear off the tables left in the room and clean up the serving area!

After-Party Set up (20 people)

Please arrive at Mountainbrook by 7:30 on Friday, May 27th. If you can stay for clean up that would be awesome.

•    The after party will be set up while the kids are inside dancing, so that it is fun and surprising when they come out.
•    It will be a vintage surf theme.
•    There will be a vintage photo booth trailer, food trucks and tables.
•    There will be an outside movie screen playing the original Footloose.
•    We are working on getting a band for an outdoor concert.
•    There will be 200 helium balloons to help decorate.
•    We will need your help at 8:30 to break down the tables on the dance floor and bring them out to the parking lot for the after party.

Clean up Crew (25 people), Friday Night, 10:30pm to 1am

Please come to Mountainbrook at 10:45 pm on May 27th. Our goal is to be out by 1am.

The dance ends at 11:00, and then the inside clean up begins. Tables and chairs need to be put away, decorations taken down, and garbage put out. The lobby will also need to be cleaned up. The after party ends at 12:00 and then THAT clean up begins.  The goal is to pull out of the parking lot by 1:00 am. With enough help, we can!


We need a team of 10 to check cars at the entrance for tickets. There will be no admittance without a ticket, and cars will be turned away. We will run 2 shifts of 5 people each. Shift one from 6:30 to 8pm. Shift Two – 8pm to 9pm.

Products and Services Still Needed

Flowers, and floral decor
Tiny Lights for decor in the venue (donated – these will not get back to you 🙂  )
Photographers and Videographers – email Stephanie direct and she will contact you directly.
Food Truck Vendors
Cases of Water
Trash bags

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