5 Reasons the Best Days Are Ahead

5 Reasons the Best Days Are Ahead

Wow. What a week God has just given me.

For those of you who may not know me, I am Robin. I started Brighten A Corner a dozen years ago because I realized  when people come together to serve others much more can be accomplished than with Lone Ranger Service. The construction and remodeling aspect came years later when God brought huge stories, huge faith and fabulous contractors to us.

None of God’s provision changes the fact that I am wholly unequipped to do what I am doing. I am not a general contractor or designer by vocation.

Mostly, I am a mom.

Jake_smallAnd my oldest, my son, lives very far away. I ache for his company often and this last week I hopped on a plane and went to see him.

My heart danced with delight.

After spending a few days with him in Virginia I drove to North Carolina for a conference.

The boundaries of my brain have been stretched and new skills acquired. God was so faithful.

I have never been so confident that the best days are ahead.

Here are my FIVE REASONS:

  1. God Loves Brighten A Corner Ministry. Every time there is a mini-miracle of provision at a project I am reminded of this fact. It is drilled into my brain, seared into my heart, and soaked into the fibre of my being. I know it is true. The volunteers, the food, the weather, the sheerly ridiculous amount of work that is done all speak to this fact and to deny it would be an unconscionable lack of gratitude. So I will continue to say it out loud: God loves Brighten A Corner Ministry.
  2. We Are Establishing A Foundation of Prayer to support all we do. Can I be honest with you? I am not a gifted prayer. Prayer is work for me–a discipline to remember to pray and to consistently pray. I believe in it, but that belief is not necessarily always reflected in my habits. I am just being honest with you. Will you help? I would love to gather once a month and pray for every volunteer, every business that supports us, and every one we have ever served, by name.  I will do this no matter what, but I would rather do it with friends.
  3. We Will Be Investing In Our Leadership Team. I love those who have served in leadership more than I can say. They have put in unmentionable hours, believed lunacy in the face reality, shown up to plan and hope and wonder time and time again. I can not overstate how much I want serving in the ministry to make life richer, deeper and broader. I want the experience to stretch the awareness of nuanced shades of beauty in the daily, the broken, the ordinary moments of life. I want skills learned in Brighten A Corner to overflow into real life making days less fatigued and more full. I want us to grow into experts at seeing beauty in cracks and broken pieces of humanity; cheerleaders of effort and triumph alike; champions of growth in God. I will seek out every opportunity and resources to further that process, and I want to invite anyone who feels called to join us.
  4. We Are Clarifying our Mission.  When it comes to projects, our heart is still for the overwhelmed. Projects are what we dobut I am praying diligently that the benefit of what we do is a life where feet and faith meet more often and a love for God’s word grows. I pray that for each of you. I pray that for myself, my husband and my children. I pray it for the ladies in my Bible Study group and my daughter’s youth group. We will be launching a new web site soon that will reflect all of this. I am beyond excited about it, and hope you will be too.
  5. God Loves Brighten A Corner Ministry. It all begins and ends right there.

There it is. If you want to support this future through prayer or leadership, please leave a comment and let us know. The human experience craves connection, and we value your encouragement to know we are not alone in our desire to serve and grow.