“ALS” Project

Making a home accessible and comfortable....

Project Description

All of our projects are referred by loving friends and family members.

This time, a group got together and systematically referred their friend over and over again.

That is love.

This precious woman spent her days counseling abused women, and went home after to lovingly care for her husband who had ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

We walked through the home, listening to her concerns for the well-being of her husband and we knew that she was just as important to us. We would do everything in our power to meet his practical needs and to encourage her grieving heart.

We made the home more accessible to his needs. We turned the master bathroom into a beautiful spa-like room for her. We put in all new flooring, updated the kitchen with new cabinets, appliances, and granite countertops. We created a beautiful sewing room so that she could indulge in her own amazingly creative outlets.

We couldn’t save his life, but wanted to help her live hers. “I know I will be okay now,” she told us after. What a privilege it is to serve people like this.