In my home, this is the face of possibility.

Every parent of a special needs child faces the same decision: You either look for limitations, or you look for possibility.

When it is time for our kids to go to school, we hope/wish/pray that the teacher and the classroom will open up possibilities that we cannot achieve on our own.

Brighten A Corner’s next project gives us the privilege of creating possibility. We have been asked to upgrade and bring life to a classroom for young kids with moderate to severe special needs. The delightful, positive, dedicated teacher has done the best she can with what she has, but there is so much need.

She has 6 students in diapers, and a bathroom with no ventilation. The chairs don’t fit the tables. The storage is insufficient for the needs she has in order to be able to accommodate all 8 curriculums she is responsible for teaching. We can change all this, and do more. WHAT are the possibilities?

There are so many reasons I am excited about this project.

-It is one room that we totally dedicate ourselves to.                                                                                                                  –

-Special needs kids…VERY dear to my heart.

-The community of Los Osos is rallying behind the project.

-We may never actually know how many people we will help with this one project.

Do you believe that a classroom can change the life of a child? Do you believe that we can open the doors of possibility for kids who learn differently? Will you help?

This Thanksgiving week…Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday we will breathe life into the world of 8 delightful children and one fabulous teacher.

Join us with your time. Partner with us with your prayers. Support us with your donation.

We can not do it without you.

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