Coincidence…or Reaping What We Sow?

 “For whatever one sows, that will he also reap.” Galatians 6:7

Brighten A Corner is focused on the future.

The beauty about the future is in the knowledge that we sow seeds today that become a harvest tomorrow. We can choose which seeds we sow. Will we sow seeds of doubt and discouragement, or generosity and faith?

As we are evaluating our future–most importantly how to move forward in the future–we have become secure in the knowledge of several things:

  • God has provided for us in the past, and our future is in His hands.
  • We are committing even greater focus on stewardship in this transition and in the future. Luke chapter 8 shares with us the parable of the soils. “Other seed fell into the good soil, and it grew up, and produced a crop a hundred times as great,” verse 8. We can choose to do what is necessary to be good soil…This begins by praying for the humility to acknowledge both our strengths and weaknesses, and treating each with respect.
  • Acknowledging our weaknesses can help us to seek solutions to the challenges we have. Seeing those weaknesses helps us to understand how we can fill in those gaps. We are thrilled to announce that Christine Jarrett will be joining our leadership team. Not only will she be in charge of accounting and book keeping as we transition out of New Life, but she brings a wide variety of skills that will be extremely helpful to us to the team. Strengthening the foundation of the ministry to build  for the future is our primary focus, and this is a huge blessing in that endeavor.
  • We can only change ourselves. Over the last year we have tried to communicate our financial needs to the team of volunteers we have, in the hopes of bridging the support between serving at projects and helping fund projects. We have failed in that endeavor. However, since we can only change ourselves, we are committed to finding new ways to get our needs met and accepting reality as it is, not as we would prefer it. 

As we continue on, we are in active conversation about what the benefits of  Brighten A Corner are…to the donors, volunteers and recipients. We would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE any input you have in helping us figure this out and articulating it. Many perspectives can be so useful!! PLEASE, give feedback!

As we have been praying for radical humility and a fresh anointing for the ministry, God has been giving encouragement along the way. Is it coincidence, or are we beginning to reap what we are sowing?

Within 48 hours of securing additional support on the leadership team, we recived enough money in donations to pay for the attorney helping us secure our non profit status. That was an unplanned for expense that God has now provided for. This is the single largest month of donations in a non-project planning/non-fundraising month we have had.

It is a fraction of what we need to move on, but it is encouragement. We are grateful.

God is good.