A Wonderful World of Color

If you have not yet seen the WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR show at Disney’s California Adventure, I can not recommend it enough.

It is spectacular.


It is an experience that brings tears to my eyes. I am completely enthralled by the notion of possibility that it is.

I pray for that for Brighten A Corner. What are the possibilities, Lord? 

There has been so much stretching and growing over the years and it has been wonderful.  But WHAT does the future hold?

“Moving forward, after all, is the most important thing there is.” –The Imagineering Way.

I am praying that God radically changes us. Grows us. Move us forward.

The dream of possibility is inspiring. A greater team to help us think through things as we go; to see potential problems and amazing opportunities ahead of time; to do more together which may even translate to doing a little bit less individually for a greater result.

Imagineering. “Every new project comes with an obstacle course of unknowns that forces us to think and imagine new and different ways.” I am committed to leading in a way that those skills we learn in projects spills over to make real life even stronger.

I am praying that we see God bigger and know Him better because of projects! I want us to be on fire for Jesus more than we ever have been!

In the book of 1 Kings, Elijah, the great and mighty prophet of the Lord, was in the middle of amazing situations where God showed His glory. And yet, Elijah was discouraged. When he was at his lowest, God sent him to meet Elisha, a partner in ministry. Their story is breathtakingly encouraging.

Elisha was plowing in the field when Elijah found him. Elisha not only responded well to Elijah, he burned his plow leaving him nothing to return to. His future was the work of the Lord. In his book Greater, author Steven Furtick says: “Your plow is what chains you to the ordinary.” 

The other amazing thing about Elijah and Elisha is that Elisha asked for a double portion of the spirit that had been given to Elijah. Elijah was the leader, Elisha the protege, and yet Elisha’s ministry life promised to be double Elijah’s. Could that be true for us? Is it possible there could be even greater blessings for a new generation of leaders in Brighten A Corner than there has been for the leaders of yesterday and today! How fantastic is that?

We are still in praying mode about this. We know we need people to help us fund raise. We need people to help organize the meals and the hospitality for the ministry. We need people who will extend appreciation to those who help us. We need help building social media presence. We need a few who are willing to let go of the ordinary and grow as people and Christians and serve Him with us.

The leadership team is in the process of defining who we are, what we believe, and what the character of leadership looks like for us. Once we do that we will start praying that God moves in the hearts of the right people and in us to know where HE is leading. We want a Wonderful World of Color for our future.


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